Creating a story, and everything that comes with it, can be really hard sometimes. This PDF includes some reference material that we hope will help somebody else struggling with some part of the creative process. Included is our original pitch for The Panty Bear, which didn’t get picked up but we personally still think it’s really well done. There’s also a few sample pages of script, then the storyboards for those pages, the pencils, and the inks.

If you’d like to see ALL our behind the scenes content, it’s on our Patreon. We just wanted to do this because we learned to write pitches and scripts from other comic creators and are trying to pay it back. If you have any questions, or ever just need a fellow creator to talk to, message us on Discord, Twitter, or through our contact form!

Thanks y’all!

Also, here are some creators whose blogs/videos/content helped us learn a lot when we were younger!

Jim Zub:


Mark Crilley: