By day, Luther’s just an average cop. He wakes up at 4:30 to the sounds of gunshots1Two gangs, the Grandmas and the Greasers, live on the same street. Each morning they fire their entire arsenal at the other gang’s hideout. Nobody ever dies, and in fact they aren’t even rivals anymore. But tradition is tradition. The Grandmas sometimes leave cakes on the Greaser’s front porch, but ever since Jay got his hair blown off by a bomb, they know not to touch them anymore… he knows he’ll do nothing about, grabs two whole mugs of double caffeinated coffee for the “road”, then walks out of the jail cell he calls home and sits at his desk. It’s a long journey, sometimes two hours for him, but thankfully he has all that coffee, else he’d probably pass out! Phew2Luther may or may not be an evolution of the sloth family. After sitting at his desk he’ll read Beefcake Beefly3Porn, but Luther doesn’t masturbate or have any sexual desires. But in case he buds into a second Luther and falls in love with himself, he wants to be prepared. and wait for someone to report a crime. They won’t. One time he tried arresting a criminal himself—he got citizen’s arrested4Nobody fucks with a Grandma trying to steal a purse, not even the law.. Staying here is easier.

But by night, Luther becomes BRIEF MAN enemy of the Panty Mafia and anyone not wearing briefs, the ultimate underwear style! He’ll stand atop the station’s rooftop, clad in only a pair of briefs on both his heads, and softly say “I am…Brief Man”5This catchphrase came to him one day when he was walking down the street making fingerguns at people who passed by. before returning to his cell to watch his soaps.