THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE PANTY BEAR isn’t the biggest, baddest ass in her everyday life because, honestly, she’s a pretty normal eighteen year old girl—by Panty’s Landing’s standards, at least1Panty’s Landing—famous for not having standards of any kind, except that Tuesday is the Day of Partying, a national holiday ordered by The Panty Mafia.. She flunks most her exams, curses like a sailor, eats a ton of junk food, and most nights stays up until freakin’ dawn playing video games2Panty’s Landing is famous for bad grades. If a student were to pass, they’d be an outcast, so schools pride themselves of their fail rate! Also, because vegetables go rotten and most people don’t have fridges, chips are the city’s most common food. And cooked rats.. Sure, she’s slightly weird because she lives on her own and her parents weren’t murdered(yet?), but her home’s a shitty apartment which used to be a gloryhole that still reeks of all the drugs cooked in it, so it’s still pretty typical of Panty’s Landing.

Lucia’s a compassionate girl who cares about nothing more than raising her brother, Max. But living in a city such as this has hardened her—it isn’t a normal day if she isn’t getting robbed at gunpoint on the way home3She’s often robbed by a dude named “Marley” who refers to himself as “Barley Marley” because he lives in a bucket of barley. She calls him “Barely Marley” because being sent to The Bowels(see on Panty Mafia page) for a few years really changed him…, or boarding up their doors to ward off wannabe thieves. Because of this, along with what happened between her and her father, she’s got some serious trust issues. To her, most people are an enemy, and you only stay alive by staying vigilant.

She’s gonna get out of this damn city one day, though. She has to if she’s gonna achieve her goal of becoming a professional volleyball player and playing alongside her idol, Pillow4The biggest volleyball player in the world. She’s won several championships and is a millionaire sex icon though. She’s controversial, though. Aside from literally owning the Best Ball-Busting Volleyball League, she’s also been accused of PEPS: Performance Enhancing Panties She stinks, possessing a pool noodle for an arm, but there’s gotta be a chance out there for her…

…And she’s beginning to think that maybe Kern, and these superpowered panties, are that chance.

And for that, she’ll defeat Bon and survive, no matter what.