HEN-TIE IS THE PANTY MAFIA’S BEST SNIPER and isn’t a stuffed animal. That’s right, she’s the one real animal in the Panty Mafia! Nobody knows that other than Kern and Bon, though. Not that anyone would care if they knew—she’s feisty and would either rake their eyes out or blow their kneecap open with if someone even said a damned word to her.

Hailing from a faraway land supposedly full of hens1Yeah. Hen-Tie. You know, because she was supposed to be a hen? Not bitter. Definitely nooooot. wearing ties, Hen-Tie’s actually a princess who was cast out of her kingdom for unknown reasons2Legitimately. Nobody knows. Not even us. Disgraced and wanting nothing to do with her family, she traveled the world, gathering an encyclopedic amount of knowledge about it and beating anyone’s booty who got in her way3In her home country it’s customary for the royalty to be trained as warriors. To become the ruler one day, they must defeat the army’s most skilled soldier to prove they’re worthy. She stumbled in Panty’s Landing totally by accident. She’d upset a gang, the Knuckledusters4Called so for 2 reasons. 1, they only fight with their fists. 2, they literally sandpaper their knuckles to make them sharper, and they’d captured her and were taking her back to homebase for dinner.

Luckily for her, the Panty Mafia had just set the Knuckledusters in their sights and attacked the base that day. Kern was the one who freed her, and she quickly became enamored by him, joining the Panty Mafia purely to stay by his side. She joined G.Raffe as his protege, and together they performed many dangerous missions. Nothing happened between them until, well…something happened5Psssst. Read here.

Kern thought it meant nothing, Hen-Tie thought it meant everything, and his refusal to acknowledge what happened between them as anything more than an accident crushed her heart to the point that she began dating Bon, retiring as a Panty Man, just to spite Kern. And while she likes Bon, and he certainly treats her like a princess…

Well, she guesses that’s just the way things are.