GERALD AND JAY ARE HARDCORE and they really, really want you to know about it. Within their gang, the Greasers1Your typical leather jacket wearin’, car lovin’ greaser gang except they literally drink grease. It’s their drug of choice., they’re sorta…losers. If there’s a totem pole, they’re lowest on it, and their leader literally refers to them as “Fuel”2The lowest rank of the Greasers. Typically a humiliating position. Basically, if you’re a Fuel, you’re just cannon fodder. They expect you to die a pointless death.. But they wanna prove everyone wrong! Gerald wants a Driver patch3Patches donate rank. so he can be on the frontline for the most dangerous missions, and Jay wants to get his Mechanic patch so he can patch him up when he gets back!

These two are dorks and they know it but that hasn’t stopped them. They’ve spent their whole lives, since they met at an orphanage when they were five years old, trying to prove themselves to someone. They’ve beaten up teachers, elders, police officers, gang members4They got boxed up by a stuffed kangaroo once, but they don’t like talking about that…, and even each other in an attempt to be loved—they just want to be part of a family.

To them, getting the bounty for Lucia and Kern isn’t about the money. They don’t give a damn about money. They learned a long time ago, when Jay got addicted to Crotch5Another nickname for grease stemming from the fact that some Greasers use grease as lube., that it creates nothing but problems.

That bounty is a chance to respect.