When you hear the rollerblades, you run.

This adage isn’t very old, but has become steeped in everyone’s minds. Mothers whisper it to their children, and those same children repeat it to their pets. Rollerblades either signal the Speedin’ Wheels gang1A small gang consisting of Daring Derek’s earlier failed attempts at creating G.Raffe, or their former leader and current Pantyman2A hitman. The Panty Mafia’s most loyal henchman. Kern was the first, Griswold was the second, and G.Raffe was the third, G.Raffe. If you encounter either, run.

Daring Derek’s3Creator of the stuffed animals. See Panty Mafia page for more details prized creation, G.Raffe’s the largest stuffed animal of them all, and he’s a ruthless—and lovely—bastard. If you’re in the Panty Mafia’s way, you’re dead. If you’re not in the Panty Mafia’s way, you’re probably still dead. His size, and the care Derek put into him, gifted him with immense natural strength even without the panties4It’s said his neck is longer than his dick! The power!.

An arrogant loudmouth, he’s hated by everyone in the Panty Mafia because he never shuts up. He’s always starting fights, or touting his excellence. One time he commented on how he should kill Bon and Kern and take over the gang for himself—that was the day his pride got wounded, as Kern beat his ass hard enough to keep him in the infirmary for three weeks5They actually had to do brain surgery on him. Inside they found copies of Daring Derek’s manifesto! They wonder if part of his arrogance was inspired by this….

Losing to Kern left him unhinged and doubtful of his abilities, but when that rotten bear betrayed The Panty Mafia, he made it his personal mission to destroy him entirely. His penchant for violence increased tenfold, and the city began to utter his name in the same breath as Bon’s, something which made him overflow with rage because he believes he’s better than those inferior creations.