Lucia, Kern, and Max. The good guys. They’re all just caught in this crazy mess, but they’re gonna kick all the booty in the world if that’s what they gotta do. It’s not so much about stopping evil—there’s evil everywhere and they couldn’t give a shit. It’s about the fact that Bon’s an asshole, and so they wanna beat him with his own ass. (Learn more)


Bon, Griswold, and Hen-Tie. Buncha assholes. They’re all members of the Panty Mafia and wanna horde the panties all for themselves! Imagine a world where only their butts have panties! That’s their dream. Then there’s Bera. He’s just…Bera. Keep your panties away from him at all costs. (Learn more)


Panty’s Landing is filled to the brim with scumbags who have zero regard for humanity. From dudes porkin’ animatronics to gas station samurai fightin’ for honor, you’ll find a wealth of craziness here. Enter at your own risk (Learn more, asshole, says the car)