First, see this page to learn about The Panty Mafia and Kern and Bon’s beginnings. Here we’ll only be detailing what happened after Kern joined The Panty Mafia.

BON ALWAYS WANTS MORE. No matter how many people die, no matter how many gangs he’s got giving him all their dough, he’s always got his eyes set on the next prize. With the power of the panties, they have the entire world at their fingertips, and he wants to crush it and make it pay for every ounce of misery it’s put him through1He’s talked of, after conquering the entire world, how he wants to fly to another planet and blow this one up with a goddamned rocket just to assert his dominance!. He’d rather die on the biggest throne of them all than live a long and “pleasant” life.

Despite the facade he puts up, he’s no warrior2Most members of the Panty Mafia tend to believe Bon stronger than Kern purely because they’ve never seen Bon fight. His power is persuasion and strategy. His members truly believe that Panty’s Landing is just the start and so they’ll commit whatever heinous crime he wants. He’s had apartment complexes burned to the ground even if people comply just because he can and he couldn’t before. He’s a selfish and childish bastard who spends more time lounging than actually working because he can just convince other people to do the work for him.

As Kern suffered through mission after mission, Bon sat in his cozy office, days bleeding together as he threw darts at a map to pick which gang got axed next—whether they were paying or not. Blunt after blunt, beer after beer, random choice after random choice. He was, until Kern left, living his best life.

But Kern’s sudden betrayal scared the shit out of him, because if Kern can get those panties to someone halfway capable, he’s fucked3The panties given to Kern were the newest, most experimental pair which have the power to grow stronger with each battle. And his followers, the ones who are supposed to be willing to lay down their goddamn lives for him, are shaken. They never expected Kern to leave and Bon’s erratic orders are making them wonder if the Ex-Pantyman was right. They’re destroying whole blocks of the city, and why…? They fought so hard for it!

Bon’s pretending everything’s normal, and executing anyone who shows even the slightest amount of resistance or fear—but truthfully, he’s been dreading Kern’s return, and that girl Lucia…well, she’s strong.

Too strong…